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Saije Care
Contact: Caroline Royer
Address: 3283 B-Line Rd Laurentian Valley, ON, K8A 6W7
Phone: 613-633-3026
About Us
When my husband and I bought our first home on the B-Line, our one priority was to grow our own fresh CLEAN produce, no chemicals, just fresh food. I decided to take it a step further. My curiousity and interest in fresh herbs was growing, so in 2008 I started to experiment with my own little herb garden starting with peppermint, chamomille, lemon balm and of course, basil. I did not expect that my little herb garden would soon become my big obsession, turning my herbs into little treasure that I would gift to family and friends. From my long awaited Italian Herb Blend to my freshly dried chamomile tea. Eventually, my experimentations grew as was the amount of herbs I was accumulating throughout my garden until I decided to start infusing Olive Oil with oregano and garlic chives. Of course, I couldn't stop there.
My attraction to herbs and natural products grew as I was looking for healthy solutions to help my youngest with her ongoing allergies and skin problems since she was a baby. The irritation from all the chemicals added in store bought products were making her symptoms worse, so I started making my own. Not only did it clear up my daughter’s skin, it also turns out that my Thyme for Healing Salve is also fantastic on cuts, bug bits (yes, even those pesky mosquitoes), eczema and other skin irritation.
My production is small, but effective. I pride myself with organically grown herbs, which I harvest, dry and process in my home. I've definitely progressed from hang drying my herbs to investing in a dehydrator to help speed the process.
Once my herbs are dried, I hand package my various products, from bagging each tea bag, to bottling infused oils.
I've been fortunate to have local honey producer provide me with their beautiful golden bees wax to help in the production of my healing salve.
Everything is hand picked and produced in my home.