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Blair's Maple Products
Contact: Bernard Blair
Address: 262 Raven Lane, RR3 Griffith, ON, K0J2R0
Phone: 613-333-1245
About Us
We live on approximately one hundred acres of mixed forest nestled on the banks of the Madawaska river. About ten acres of the bush contains the maple trees which give us the sap from which we produce our fabulous maple syrup. The sap is delivered to two stainless tanks thru a series of tubes which are under vacuum and then brought to the sugar house to be boiled to make maple syrup.
From a meager start in 2010 with two hundred buckets and a homemade boiler, we have progressed to having over two thousand taps on a pipeline system. The sap is brought to the sugar house and run thru a reverse osmosis machine to remove about seventy percent of the water and then boiled down in a wood fired evaporator to a consistency of sixty seven percent sugar. It is now MAPLE SYRUP! From here it is filtered to remove any impurities and hot packed to preserve the goodness of the product. As members in good standing with OMSPA (Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association) we follow the latest recommendations set out by the industry .All of the equipment is either stainless steel or food grade plastic. We focus on cleanliness at every step of the process ensuring a superior product. Our maple syrup is boiled above the recommended minimum brix value(sugar concentration),giving a wonderful consistency to the finished product.
Additional Information;
We use a traditional wood fired evaporator and take great care to ensure cleanliness and superior filtration during the process resulting in the great taste and clarity of this heritage product. The syrup is hot packed in authentic bottles, labeled including grade ,nutritional info and source as a local Ottawa Valley product.