The Upper Crust
Address: 59 Queen St South Renfrew, ON, K7V 2A7
Phone: 613-433-7048
About Us
I bake from the Inspected Kitchen of my home in Renfrew, Ontario . The space is pleasant, highly functional
and easy to keep clean. My home, built in 1876, is centrally located in town and is easy to find and visit
on appointment.
I bake from scratch, using top-quality ingredients. I love to spend that extra time on a product to make it really special.
Food should look as great as it tastes. I thoroughly enjoy working with a butter-lard pastry (except in a heat wave!!!),
thus a large part of my work is pastry based; tourtieres, turkey pot pies, fruit pies etc.. Pies are assembled, freezer packaged
and frozen quickly to make them as fresh as possible for the customer. Preparation is made straightforward, with
clear instructions on the package.
I have my Safe Food Handling Certificate, and being a retired Registered Nurse have a good understanding of the proper
practices of handling food.