Wilno House Organics
Address: 13 Szczipior St. Wilno, ON, K0J 2N0
Phone: 613-504-1101
About Us
At my property in Wilno I raise pigs, chickens, ducks and turkeys. I keep 5/6 dozen laying hens for eggs and I produce a range of frozen organic entrees - using my own meats as primary ingredient - that I sell at markets and through OVFC. My abbatoir produces a number of different varieties of fresh and smoked sausages for me.
I have been farming organically since the late 70's. I feed only certified organic feed and my housing practices meet or exceed COG standards. My hens have a loose coop and a run. My pigs live in small batches in houses and corrals under shade from the adjacent bush. My birds are raised in shelters on treed pastureland inside portable anti-predator fences and have shelters for cover and feed. I use OMAFRA red meat and white meat slaughterhouses for all my pigs and birds.