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Pickling Dixie Limited
Contact: Jennifer Kay
Address: 44 Alva Drive Cobden, ON, K0J1K0
Phone: 613-325-0098
About Us
Pickling Dixie Limited was founded in 2017 and is located on the outskirts of Cobden, Ontario overlooking Muskrat Lake. Jennifer and her partner Graeme have 4 kids, whom I am sure most of our customers have come to watch grow. To say we are a busy family is an understatement. During the growing season we can all be found tasked to one job or another on the farm. In the off season, outside of our farm shop and livestock, Jennifer is at the rink coaching minor hockey, often volunteering on teams outside of her own families ages. She can also be found building and maintaining the outdoor rink on the farm and growing year round produce under grow lights.
We raise Speckle Park and Black Angus Ontario Beef, Gloucestershire Old Spot and Tamworth and Berkshire Ontario pork, heritage turkey, and free ranged cayuga duck. We opened our on-site farm shop in July 2021 and it took off with full steam ahead. All of our preserves and prepared meals are made in our kitchen, which is fully inspected by RCDHU. As part of the local tourism association here in Renfrew County and Ontario Tourist Association, Pickling Dixie Limited was a finalist for Renfrew County with the Safe Travel Award in 2021 for the new farm shop and farm tours! I operate the farm shop 5 days a week, which you can visit during our open hours. I love scheduling farm tours also, and will host schools, families and small groups to educate on the animals we raise and farm safety.

I cannot thank you enough for your support and look forward to 2023 with you.

Pickling Dixie Limited
You can dive in to our day to day business practices by following our social media! Find us on Instagram - Pickling Dixie Limited and Dinner Jacket Farm.