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Buttermilk Creek Farm
Address: 1882 Kohlsmith Rd Cobden, ON, K0J1K0
Phone: 613-646-7664
About Us
Wallace and his wife Isabelle purchased their property in Cobden in 1971. Before becoming a fishmonger, Wallace was bricklayer, a banker and a teacher. He was an original vendor at the Cobden Farmer's Market where he sold live trout from ponds on his property and Isabelle sold baked goods. Since then they have produced maple syrup and honey from their bees. They live by the philosophy that one should live in harmony with nature. They do not use chemicals that would harm the environment. Wallace remains a regular vendor in Cobden. He sells fish and seafood harvested worldwide, with trout from Manitoulin Island being the backbone of his business. All of the seafood is available for his customers.
Manitoulin Trout Farms The growing of Manitoulin Trout is a two year process which begins with the selection of certified eggs of fast-growing fleshy parents. the young fingerlings are placed in net pens in the North Chanel of Lake Huron. These farm sites, in place since 1987, have been chosen for the quality of the water. The cool, oxygen-rich pristine water provides a healthy growing environment which results in a firm textured fish. The feed and feeding techniques are very important considerations. The feed suppliers are regulated, reputable firms experienced in the manufacture of both pet food and feeds for other farm animals. The feed is primarily fish meal, fish oil (herring or anchovy), soybean meal, corn glutton, and a healthy diet of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene. The outcome is fillet with fresh bright colour and excellent quality characteristics. To ensure maximum freshness on the shelf the fish are harvested to orders and immediately core chilled. Within hours the fish are processed. Shipments occur the same day.

Highlights this Month
Fish from Manitoulin Island will be available most months. Seafood and other products will be listed as they are available.

Friendly Notice: These wonderful products have been produced outside our normal catchment area, as they fill a product gap that more local producers are unable to fill.