Daisy's Farmstead
City: Eganville, ON, K0J 1T0
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About Us
Daisy's Farmstead (formally Yellowmoon) uses only sustainable and humane farming practices to mindfully provide healthy food and protect the land. Farm products include grass-fed lamb, grass-fed mutton, pastured organic soy free pork, pastured organic chicken, colony raised organic rabbit and organic soy free eggs (duck and chicken).
Sheep and beef is exclusively grassfed (ie no grain) and pork, poultry and rabbits are fed certified soy free grain. Animals are free range or pastured using solar powered moveable fences. Rabbits are raised in colonies.
Sustainable forest products include but are not limited to maple syrup, juniper berries and wild greens.

If there are products you do not see on the current list, please feel free contact me at or 613.401.5887
Only sustainable practices used. Beef, Lamb, sheep and goats are exclusively grass-fed. Pork, chicken and duck pastured using moveable solar powered fencing. Rabbit are colony raised. All grain is certified organic, soy free. Hay grown on the farm. Pigs processed at Mcgarrochs. Sheep processed at Reiche's. Poultry and rabbits processed at Morrisons poultry processing in Omeme, Ontario.