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Calabogie Rustic Farm
Contact: Mike Graham
Address: 5258 Murphy Rd Calabogie, ON, K0J 1H0
Phone: 613-433-5690
About Us
Calabogie Rustic Farm Story
In 2003 we purchased this little piece of paradise, nestled in the pristine hills of Calabogie, Ont. With 100 acres of mixed bush and my love for woodworking I quickly realized I had something very special here. With my team of percheron horses and my sawmill I developed a small custom woodworking business. At the same time my wife, kids and I have been organically growing food in our garden for our family and friends every year. There is nothing better than fresh food out of the garden for dinner. Or taking the extra bounty at harvest time and canning it for the winter. Our small family garden has since turned into approximately 10 acres of crops including a small mixed fruit orchard. Although the orchard is still in the early stages, we are very excited to see it developing. To help things along with pollination we have added some honeybees to the mix. We strongly believe in organic farming and not using pesticides or chemicals for insects and weeds. What makes our farm different is the location. We are in the middle of a forest, which gives us the advantage of not having any large commercial farms nearby that are spraying. Our soils are clean and our food is grown with nothing but hard work and love. Now with this all being said let’s not forget about the springtime and Maple Syrup season. Along with my wife and kids, we tap approximately 500 trees. We do things a little old school here in the sense that I still use the horses to collect some of our sap and I boil it in a wood fired evaporator. Here at Calabogie Rustic Farm it’s not all about production, it’s about taking your time and doing it right, and giving you the best product, we possibly can.
Here at Calabogie Rustic Farm we are currently using only organic practices to grow out fruit trees and produce. In doing so we do not use any chemical sprays for pests or weed control, (we are in the process of becoming organic certified). We are located just outside Calabogie in the bush so our Honey bees also benefit from our location. Not having any large commercial farms around us there is no overspray from other farms affecting them. Which ensures that we have healthy bees and great tasting honey. Our fertilizer is a compost that comes from a mix of our own horse manure and wood shavings from our wood shop.

Friendly Notice: Some of this producers wonderful products (cheese) have been produced outside our normal catchment area, as they fill a product gap that more local producers are unable to fill.